SalmonGate™ Hydrokinetic (Run of River) Power Generator

We have developed a way to use wild rivers for renewable energy without the devastating impacts that concrete dams have on fish passage, habitat and commercial boats using the waterway.

Important Notice: The Salmon Gate is completely open source and free of royalties. We do not plan to make any profit on this invention since it is critically important that it is low cost enough to be widely adopted. Salmon are under immediate threat from the twin human impacts of climate change warming their rivers and concrete dams that block passage.

We need to un-dam rivers if we want the species to survive. There is no use arguing that “we should not un-dam rivers because it will increase fossil fuel use”. The choice between two bad options (fossil fuels or concrete dams) is a false choice. There are many other options like geothermal energy, increased uptake of solar PV and biomass energy, hydrogen energy storage, batteries, and even wind turbines which (while they harm birds) are not as impactful as dams.

Check out (and share) our presentation below:


Prototype drawing of SalmonGate(TM). See below for downloadable PDF. Licensed CC-BY-SA; please attribute to

For more information on the Salmongate(TM), please contact us. We are happy to provide limited free technical support to individuals and companies with a strong social and/or environmental mission to help design and construct Salmon Gates.