OSSIE™ (Open Source Snowmobile Ignition Experiment)

We are building the next generation of carbon-neutral, climate-resilient Northern subsistence off-road vehicles for hunting, trapping, fishing and other work uses.

While there are several battery-electric snowmobiles on the market today, they suffer from:

  • Poor range
  • Slow charge times limiting turnaround time
  • Like nearly all modern vehicles, very limited “right to repair”, mysterious diagnostic codes and no easy way to fix without going to an expensive service dealer, which can even be a safety hazard in remote areas
  • Being designed for weekend power-sports users and not serious subsistence hunters and trappers
  • Being too expensive (up-cycling older gasoline models helps with affordability)
  • Batteries are very heavy, meaning the snowmobile will definitely sink if it goes through the ice (an increasingly common problem because of climate change)

Our patent-pending hybrid engine provides the long range and solid-state reliability of a hydrogen fuel cell, with an aircraft-grade electrical gas turbine generator for short bursts of peak power from the rugged, high-torque electric motor.

The OSSIE engine is fueled with a mix of canola oil and electrolyzed (green) hydrogen.  Apart from the land used to grow canola, or if the canola oil is used cooking oil (UCO), and if the hydrogen is electrolyzed with 100% renewable energy, then the OSSIE engine is completely net zero and carbon neutral.

We are also addressing climate resilience (adaptation) by adding pontoons to make the snowmobile amphibious enough to get safely off the water if the vehicle falls through the ice.  In future we may consider alternate vehicle platforms like hovercraft (air boats).


Key Benefits:


Our hydrogen fuel cells last 10,000 hours of use before replacement. This translates to about 800,000 km of snowmobile / off road vehicle travel.

Super-capacitors instead of lithium battery energy storage significantly improves cycle life, reliability, and cold weather performance.


Our patent pending gas turbine boosts power to a very high level at a low weight, getting your vehicle over that hill while towing a heavy load.

The user can select EcoQuiet (fuel cell only) or Sport (fuel cell + gas turbine) modes to suit their driving style.

Carbon neutral

The OSSIE engine can run on completely sustainable, carbon neutral fuel (renewable hydrogen + canola oil or used cooking oil).

Development Schedule:

Test videos and photos coming soon!

October 2021 – Plan to assemble and test 1st OSSIE prototype in March-April 2022.

March 2021 – Project delayed significantly due to COVID and the need to secure safe housing. Main engineer on project is also building an eco friendly tiny house concurrently.

November 2020 – Design finalized. Ordered initial components for biodiesel-electric prototype (fuel cell and hydrogen tank to come later with funding approval).

March 2020 – Won C$10K Yukon Innovation Prize for design of zero emission / carbon neutral snowmobile, and accepted to Launchspace Bootcamp startup accelerator.

Licensing Info:

The OSSIE engine depicted above is patent pending (US/CA 62987294).  However, we have chosen to release the full design under the CC-BY-SA license.

For all inquiries, including licensing questions, please contact us.