Retrofit and refurbish old gasoline snowmobiles and ATVs with hydrogen fuel cells


Imagine an Arctic without noisy and polluting gasoline and diesel engines and high fuel import costs.

Hydrocube™ Retrofit Services (HRS) is establishing a workshop in Whitehorse, YT that retrofits snowmobiles and other off road vehicles (ORVs) with ultra-quiet, zero emission hydrogen fuel cell engines that run on locally produced, renewable fuel. We are also working on a mobile setup that can come to your remote community, research base, or industrial site.



If you need your snowmobile or ORV to hunt, or if you work in wildlife research or conservation, or even patrol as a member of the Canadian Rangers, you will want our quiet engines in your off road vehicles.

Local, renewable fuel

Hydrogen is made from renewable electricity (e.g. solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal) and a small amount of water.

Built for the Arctic

Our hydrogen fuel cell engines are built for extremely cold climates, long range travel and 10 years or 20,000 hours of heavy, regular use.


Subsistence Harvesting

Hunt, fish, trap and even gather with our quiet, affordable snowmobiles and ORVs.

Arctic research

Collect samples and get up closer to wildlife with our quiet, zero emission vehicles.


Decrease fuel import costs, provide energy security and keep your uptime high.

Electric utilities

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs when inspecting equipment with our rugged zero emission vehicles.

Oil and gas

Use locally produced hydrogen to reduce GHG emissions from your snowmobile and ORV fleet.

Winter sports touring

Both professional guides and individual thrill-seekers can benefit from our affordable zero emission winter touring snowmobiles.

General travel

Get to and from work and to the supermarket affordably and quietly. Have us upgrade an older model of snowmobile you have just sitting there as an in-town travel sled.


Patrol long distances with our ultra-quiet and low thermal observability snowmobiles and ORVs.


Replace portable gasoline generators

With our 2 kW AC inverter built into the side of the snowmobile or ORV

Replace propane cook stoves

By using electric stoves running off the AC inverter

Provide potable hot water

Our hydrogen fuel cells produce drinkable hot water as the only exhaust.

In -40 C / -40 F weather during a long trip, how good does a hot cup of coffee or tea sound?


Fueling stations

Renewable water electrolyzer hydrogen fueling stations start at C$250,000 (FOB Whitehorse, YT) and last 10 years with minimal maintenance.


We are working on the prototype now and will publish a cost per snowmobile or ORV retrofit here soon.

On-site retrofits

If you want us to perform the retrofits at your location, we will send several instructors and QA managers to train and supervise some of your staff for the retrofit project. *

* Travel, accommodation, extended freight of the fuel station and vehicle components, and instructional time costs are added to the base package price.


10 year warranty

On electrolyzer fueling stations and hydrogen fuel cell powertrain components up to the chain or shaft drive assembly.

The rest of the snowmobile or ORV is your responsibility to maintain.

DIY repairs

We will help train your people to do the very limited routine maintenance, even if they currently have no background in electronics.

User repairs following our instructions do not void the warranty.

No computers

It’s just like a snowmobile or ORV you are used to fixing, with an ultra-reliable new engine that doesn’t need remote diagnostics.


ELECTRICAL SAFETY: Our electrical system will run at 48 Volts. The CSA considers anything lower than 50 volts to be low risk. We also use CSA-approved wiring and electrical safety components (like breakers and fuses).

HYDROGEN SAFETY: Hydrogen safety is a more complex topic. Hydrogen is no more or no less safe than other flammable fuels like gasoline or diesel, but it requires understanding the unique properties of hydrogen. See this page for more information.

Thinking ahead:

The age old wisdom in the snowmobile industry is “it sells when it snows”.

How much longer can we count on snow?

Hovercraft are air-cushion vehicles that can glide over ice, open water, snow, and relatively flat land (for example, tundra river valleys). They do not leave a trace when traveling over sensitive areas like wetlands.

They are ideal for a rapidly changing Arctic climate.

You can learn more about hovercraft by watching this amazing video that shows how easily it handles variable ice conditions. And this video (skip to 17 seconds) shows how good they are at ice rescue.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about retrofitting your vehicles, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and use your input to shape our offering once we open for regular business in Spring 2021.