Licensing Information

The ARGH is patent-pending under USPTO Provisional application 62936892. We intend to file for non-provisional utility patents in the USA and Canada. This may change in future without notice.

Safety disclaimer:

We make no express or implied warranty that the information appearing on this site is suitable for production or manufacture without significant added work on designing and implementing appropriate safety systems and procedures by qualified personnel, e.g. engineers and licensed contractors. Please consult a professional when designing a physical system (based on our invention) that produces hydrogen (a highly flammable gas under pressure) and generates electricity (with the potential for electric shocks and/or fires). Specifically, the combination of hydrogen and electricity can be extremely dangerous. Your use of any information on this website is 100% at your own risk and we disclaim any and all liability for injury, death and/or property damage as a result.


The problem with new technologies of all kinds is that they gravitate towards the industries (clients) with the most money, regardless of if the client is providing a social or environmental good. This was the case with my drone invention, which was designed for volunteer search and rescue teams and individual backpackers, but these clients do not have the money that the police, military, oil and gas and wealthy agriculturalists did.

As such, there was tremendous pressure from investors and the overall business and financial system to sell to these entities, which I did not feel good about. While they do perform valuable search and rescue, they also do a lot of other activities with drones including surveillance of environmental and other protesters that I disagree with. This is why my latest invention is now held by a nonprofit organization.’s ARGH invention is made for the benefit of permanent (year-round) off-grid communities and residents who currently use fossil fuels for their energy needs. We intend to provide an affordable solution for renewable energy to these groups to get them to switch today, not tomorrow from fossil fuels.

In many cases, some large clients would offset their greenhouse gas emissions with the ARGH, but it will also enable them to expand their operations due to a cheaper renewable fuel, totally offsetting any gains made. This is especially the case where the client is:

  • An extractive industry (e.g. oil and gas development)
  • Immigration enforcement
  • Military

Immigration and war are closely tied to climate change, as social chaos fosters environmental chaos and vice versa. The more desperate refugees there are in the world, aided and abetted by war and harsh immigration policies, the less people have the ability to pay attention to what is happening to the climate.

For this reason, we intend to create a license structure where delivering affordable ARGH solutions to the above mentioned permanent communities is rewarded through a royalty fee on sales to larger entities like those described above.

If you would like to license the ARGH for production, we are currently open to offering one exclusive or multiple non-exclusive licenses. Please read below for the terms and conditions of each:

Non-exclusive license:

If you wish to manufacture an ARGH for sale, or to manufacture an ARGH for the purpose of selling hydrogen and/or oxygen gases it produces, you must remit the following percentage of annual ARGH-related sales revenues to us, depending on the nature of your client base:

  • 0% for sales to off-grid permanent (year-round) communities and residents currently reliant on fossil fuels (notes 1 & 2)
  • 5% for sales to government and university scientific research programs or departments
  • 10% for sales to all other clients


  1. “Reliant” means that the community or resident in question sources less than 90% of their annually consumed home electricity from renewable resources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, etc.) At this time, although the ARGH is designed to meet ALL the energy needs of communities, our license agreement does not consider heating and transportation energy needs when determining whether a community or resident meets this criteria, only the percentage of home electricity that is renewable.
  2. Only individual residents and communities that have a population of less than 2,000 permanent residents are eligible for the zero percent royalty rate. Larger communities are classified as “other clients” and we require a 10% royalty on sales to them, as they typically have the funds to pay for more significant renewable energy investments on their own without our help.

Exclusive license:

We are open to offering one (1) exclusive license to produce and sell the ARGH, however it comes with the condition(s) that:

  • You must manufacture and distribute the ARGH and/or the product gases (hydrogen and/or oxygen) to off-grid permanent communities and residents currently reliant on fossil fuels at the cost of construction, maintenance and mandatory insurance only (no profit).
  • The sales volume (by Cost of Goods Sold – COGS) to off grid communities must be 50% of your total sales volume to all clients.

We are open to negotiating specifics of the agreement, but not the essence of it. We require the ARGH invention to be used for a nonprofit purpose to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (our organization’s purpose) and this cannot be done if the entity holding the license is only interested in profiteering. End users will not switch away from fossil fuels rapidly enough if the cost of the system is too high.

Free license for non-commercial use:

You do not have to pay royalties to manufacture and/or use the ARGH invention strictly for personal (non-commercial) use.


You may make modifications or derivative products at your discretion, subject to paying the same percentage of sales revenues as royalties as if you made an original ARGH product. You must share any new inventions or improvements made to the ARGH under this same license (“Share Alike”).

If you have any questions about this license, please contact us.