Renewable hydrogen for remote communities

Hydrogen (H2) is a clean, zero emission fuel that can be made from renewable electricity and a small amount of water. When burned for heat or used to produce electricity in a fuel cell, the only output is water vapor.

Hydrogen Applications:

  • Because hydrogen is more energy dense than batteries, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) have much longer range and quicker (5 minute) fill times than battery electric vehicles (BEVs). They also last longer than lithium batteries which need frequent replacement. Hydrogen is an ideal zero emission vehicle fuel for long distance, remote, cold climate vehicles.
  • Hydrogen energy storage (and re-electrification in a fuel cell) is a viable alternative to pumped storage hydroelectricity (PSH) aka “hydro dams”. It uses about 15,000 times less land area per kWh stored than a dam, does not hinder salmon and other fish passage, and the energy can be transported between remote communities by road without the need for expensive power lines.

Renewable Hydrogen Services we offer:

Your community’s renewable energy profile

We will give you independent advice on how the five different technologies (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass) can best relate to renewable hydrogen production for your location.

We are completely independent of the installers and can help make sure you are not over-sold a system you do not need.

Sizing calculations

As an independent consulting service, we can calculate the recommended sizes of your hydrogen electrolyzers, storage tanks and fuel cells to meet your community’s year-round renewable, zero emission power needs.

(We are not licensed engineers and do not perform engineering approvals for you. Most equipment we work with is CSA approved and does not require engineering).

Contacts and facilitation

We can provide recommendations for certain hydrogen equipment suppliers to meet your needs.

We do not profit from any sales of equipment so you can be sure our advice is best for you and for the climate.

We also provide liaison and facilitation between governments, industry and equipment suppliers.


Our services start at C$125/hr and we are able to negotiate this rate on longer term projects.

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