Climate Emergency Response

We are setting up a Climate Emergency Response Team (CERT) to handle the following climate-related emergencies (as it relates to physical harm to individuals and property damage):


Overland & Flash Flooding

Earthquakes & Landslides

Droughts & Crop Failures

Our plan is to charge a subscription fee on a monthly basis that will give you access to our 24/7 emergency hotline, which you can call after a climate-related emergency for essential and urgent home repairs, immediate security and property management.

We plan to offer a 90-day only warranty on all our repairs, with the intention that you get a licensed contractor to permanently repair the property within that period. We will offer advice and references on what we feel needs to be fixed permanently by a contractor.

Our mobile CERTs will come to your property immediately after a disaster that is covered under our policy, once it is lawful for private contractors to travel to the disaster site (i.e. after the police, fire and ambulance have OK’d us to enter).

Our policy states that only damage that presents an urgent risk to further property damage and/or risk to the occupants will be covered by this essential (and private) service.

Services we provide:

  • Clearing access roads from downed trees (note: call the utility first for power-lines)
  • Structural repair and bracing
  • Electrical safety on the property (note: we do not go near downed power lines, only home wiring from the meter base to the branch circuits)
  • Repairing/refueling backup generators and solar/wind/battery systems to get immediate power to occupants for essential electrical appliances
  • Essential HVAC repairs to get adequate ventilation to prevent mold only
  • Essential plumbing and sewer repairs (note: we do not fix city-owned water or sewer lines)
  • Portable camping toilets (mini-portable-outhouses) for occupants to use if their septic system is damaged
  • Water filtration and purification for drinking, cooking and showering
  • Emergency support for your essential food crops (e.g. emergency watering, covering to prevent smoke taint, shading, harvesting if necessary, etc.)
  • Ongoing disaster-ready checkup and advice on preparing for the next disaster
  • Essential home security during the disaster period while we are on the property, including fixing any security cameras that are/were damaged by the climate related
  • Preparing your property for freeze-up if you have had to evacuate for a longer period (e.g. over winter) and there is no power or backup heat, by removing all water and non-freezable items (e.g. food, batteries) from the dwelling and outbuildings
We’re planning to invest soon in a hydrogen fueled vehicle to mitigate climate change as we provide adaptation services. Initially, the mobile response vehicle will be gasoline or diesel powered. (Stock photo from US Air Force)
We are setting up this CERT based in Kluane Lake Region, southwestern Yukon, Canada, which is a 3 hour drive west of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway (we're not cops or firefighters and we can't speed).

We will be on call from approximately Jan 15th to Oct 14th each year (9 months/yr).  This includes the peak summer period May 1st to Sept 30th, which is most common for wildfires & overland flooding in Yukon.  

Note that the fall & early winter is a common time for winter storms with heavy precipitation; we will prepare your property best we can but cannot offer year round coverage at this time.