Our purpose is to advocate for and develop renewable energy technologies that solve important problems like climate change, Northern energy security, and First Nations energy independence.

Founder profile:

Hi, my name is Stefan. I have a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and ran a drone manufacturing company for 4 years. I am now the founder and current executive director of Hydrocube.org.

The company was established to build purpose-made drones for volunteer search and rescue (SAR) teams and back-country wilderness adventurers.

But the necessity to make profits to pay back R&D loans plus interest forced me to pivot to selling to the drone users with the most money: police departments, the military, oil and gas companies and wealthy agriculturalists.

This is a fundamental flaw in our society, that the wealthiest and most powerful get first access to the best technologies which they can use to buttress and reinforce societal inequality.

When I decided to stop attempting to “dronify” the world and start working on the clearly more pressing issue of climate change, I brought my experience in zero emission vehicles, renewable hydrogen and lithium batteries with me.

I am currently building a 450 square foot zero-carbon-emission tiny-home in Destruction Bay, Yukon, Canada.

Stefan, founder of Hydrocube.org

Statement of Principles:

1. International climate action

We strive to meet the United Nations’ climate goals, which seek a carbon dioxide emissions reduction (from 2018 levels) of 45% by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

The self-interest of individual nations’ GHG reductions targets are of no relevance to us. We are a global movement.

4. Small and focused

We are a small, focused, technology integrator organization. We focus our energy on system-level design, adapting existing technologies to the local climate, and integration of high quality, cost effective components from around the world to form the core renewable energy storage solution that we offer. We do not design or manufacture components.

2. Zero emission

Our renewable energy systems must have zero harmful emissions during operation.  We acknowledge and try to minimize greenhouse gas and other emissions during manufacture and shipping to us of our system components.

5. Community ownership and control

We are committed to local ownership and community control of energy generating assets. We require majority (51%) control of all renewable energy storage and generation infrastructure we help build, by permanent residents of the state, territory or province. Indigenous governments must approve projects within their traditional territory and are expected to be the major stakeholder.

3. Social enterprise

We are a socially conscious enterprise. Our purpose is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. All revenues are reinvested into reducing the end user cost of renewable energy, to facilitate a faster transition away from fossil fuels.

Only reasonable salaries will be paid; in no case will any employee, agent or director be paid an hourly rate that is more than 12 times the minimum wage in the relevant jurisdiction.