100% renewable, year-round energy independence for Northern communities

Hydrocube.org is an environmentally focused nonprofit research and development corporation specializing in cold-weather renewable hydrogen fuel systems. We are based in Yukon Territory, Canada.

Our purpose is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by helping to develop the infrastructure required for year-round renewable energy coverage for major demand sectors in electricity, heating and zero-emission transportation.

We facilitate the transfer of renewable hydrogen fuel production (electrolysis) and power generation (fuel cell) systems from worldwide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to Northern communities. We take no profit from this service. Our engineers and designers work as volunteers outside their other jobs.

Our “renewable cube” logo represents the ancient sustainable cycle on which all life depends, transposed onto a cube representing modern advanced technology.

Orange represents useful power or energy, blue represents the life-giving water we temporarily borrow to produce our hydrogen energy, returning it undiminished as rain when we are done using it, while green represents the familiar concepts of regrowth, regeneration and renewal.

Current Projects:


Like a portable gasoline generator, but without the noise and harmful emissions


Hydrogen powered snowmobile “upcycling” program

Arctic Renewable Generators of Hydrogen (ARGH)

Above the Tundra:

Feasibility study for hovercraft to replace off-road vehicles (ORVs) in tundra climate zones

Our planned sources of funding include:

  • Government grants for renewable energy development:
    • Canadian federal government
    • Provincial and territorial governments
    • Universities and research grants
    • First Nation governments and their development arms
  • Canada Revenue Agency SRED program
    • The SRED program provides a 50% refund on materials and salaries (note 1) for research and development that occurs in Canada
  • Private donations and investments (note 2)
    • Electric utilities looking to de-carbonize their diesel or LNG-powered grids
    • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturers (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc.)
    • Private charities and environmentally focused foundations
    • Kickstarter campaign (date TBA)


  1. All engineering salaries are paid at a fair market rate (allowing us to claim the SRED refund) and then immediately reinvested in full back into the nonprofit corporation (less any income taxes paid on the amount, but not CPP and/or EI). This is 100% legal and widely done in both business and nonprofit R&D corporations. We are regularly audited by the Canada Revenue Agency for compliance with SRED policies.
  2. We only accept investors that stand to gain only indirect economic benefits (like long-term cost savings due to a locally produced fuel) which aligns with our primary purpose: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All profits are reinvested into reducing the cost of renewable energy for Northern residents and travelers and are not distributed to any investor including the founders.