“Hydrocube.org” is a Canadian federally incorporated nonprofit R&D organization that develops technology to solve climate change and related problems.

This website does not sell any products. Please visit www.hydrocubers.com for our zero-emission snowmobile and ATV retrofit workshop in Whitehorse, YT serving clients in Yukon, NWT, northern BC and Alaska.

We license tech out to small, medium and large businesses for manufacturing and production. We also make some tech freely available open source on this website. Please click on the individual projects below for an explanation of license terms for each project.

We also provide limited free renewable energy technology education to Developing and Indigenous nations, and to eligible nonprofit organizations. Please contact us for more details.

Current Technology R&D Projects:

Afterburning hydrogen fuel cell engine for off road vehicles:
Solving the power-to-weight problem of small scale hydrogen fuel cell engines

Bird-safe wind power generator

Salmon-safe run of river hydropower generator